Our goal is to provide a shoe that stands for quality, comfort and fashion while maintaining flexibility and adaptability. All these qualities are what make Dorking shoes a perfect fit with the latest fashions and European vanguard lifestyles.

Dorking shoes are currently available in Spain, France and Italy, countries that are the stomping grounds of the latest fashion statements in the footwear industry and leaders in the European market. The shoes' fine leather finish is the mark of quality that our products guarantee, all the way from the materials that they are made from to the workmanship. Dorking also exports to other countries such as England, Ireland, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Israel, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

Dorking had its humble start on the French market 17 years ago to this day and now it has found its place among the most prestigious footwear companies in all of France.

Quality, comfort and fashion...

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